Intellectual Property for Apps Protection

Intellectual property relates to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names and images used in trading.

According to the agreement of TRIPS, Intellectual Property was ratified as the most suitable protection for software programs.

The Intellectual property is the best tool to protect works


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It is not a secret that protected works can be easily transformed in digital formats and through computer networks such as Internet, easily and free of charge, copy them and post them. According to the new challenges related to the protection and management of intellectual property in cyberspace, the different types of research projects have proposed different technological measures to protect these rights in the era of information.

Protect rights and technological achievements, is necessary for economic development and better management of intellectual property rights.

Due to the fact that there is concern that any technological creation or application can be improved by a similar one to overcome it, the protection of the rights of the creations is very important. So there are necessary protections that surround the technology work, but not only I the programming aspect, but also impose legal intellectual property barriers that when violated they will be considered crimes and lead to consequential penalties.

Innovation as the core of growth and development

Human experience has shown that growth and economic and industrial development in societies more than anything is in innovation, creative thinking and new ideas which explode when they find a prepared runway suitable for this purpose. Therefore, communities must have a system of strong protection of intellectual property, which determines a balance between the general interest and the personal interests of innovators and create an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish for the benefit of all.

The intellectual property system makes that abusers cannot easily use the innovations and inventions of people and thus achieve high profits without having spent neither money nor time to create the work. In this way you can protect the economic, social and cultural development of a community.

Intellectual protection of apps

Apps are nothing more than software designed to be run on operating systems, which of them it could be said the same as any other computer application. However, the truth is that the environments in which they operate have peculiar characteristics in what legal aspects are concerned and the developers of these programs should consider them well.

One of the issues that generates many doubts among application developers is how to protect your creation.

The registration of software and intellectual protection of computer programs, are covered by the law 11.723 of Intellectual property, which establishes that computer programs are considered as literary, scientific or artistic works under the terms of the law. Obviously, this means that the software applies the rules on intellectual property.

Trademark of the app

It must be taken into account when protecting the created app, that both, the name and the logo that identified it should be protected by the trademark law 22.362.

This record will be the primary element that will identify it in the market and in the eyes of consumers, so register it on those countries where it has commercial interest will be the basis for:

  • Own an asset that is profitable (for resale or license).
  • Prevent third-party copy it.
  • Have the right of exclusive use for 10 years.

Register an app with the advice of Gatti &; Asociados gives you the benefits, which are derivate from the registration of the trademark, registration of an intellectual Property work and the ones of the software itself. It allows you to defend the authorship and gives you the protection in case a third party do not aim to claim authorship prior to registration purposes.

New solutions to GLOBAL CHALLENGES

We stand out at National and International level as regards the global protection of Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property.
Our main task in the global protection is to safeguard the rights of Industrial Property simplifying all registration processes in different countries.

The protection of plant varieties, also known as a system of law of the plant breeder is a form of intellectual property "sui-generis" which aims to give the breeder of a plant variety an exclusive right to exploit its creation. The breeder is the person who has created or discovered and developed a plant variety.

The trade dress is made up of the set of distinctive signs constituting a trade and that characterize it.
For example, decoration or commercial image, the shapes of the buildings and even the uniforms used.

The registration of software and intellectual property protection of computer programs in its source and object versions, are protected by the Law 11.723 of Intellectual Property, which states that computer programs are considered literary works, scientific or artistic in terms of the law.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT can seek protection by patent for an invention in many countries at the same time by filing an “international” patent application. It can be submitted by nationals or residents of the Contracting States of the PCT. Applicants are able to protect their invention worldwide in 148 countries.

Service that is performed prior to a purchase process where the potential buyer evaluates a company and / or its assets in the face of an acquisition.



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