In dealing with our customers we seek to make it as personal as possible. We try to maintain a fluid and dynamic connection in order to be able to be constantly looking for mutual growth possibilities

We care about the quality of our work and attention and we value the exchange of views, growing in this way a link client-study that only brings success and mutual benefits. We believe in the politics of win-win system in which a good relationship brings profits to both sides.

Gatti is a Studio that represents and advises clients of the most varied commercial and industrial activities. We stand by our strong presence at national and international level through an extensive network of important firms from around the world, which maintains permanent contact.

Our main strength consists in the great ability to adapt to the situations presented to us and be able to analyze a same point of interest from different points of view. At all times we seek solutions tailored to each client assessing your need, time and best costs to arrive at the solution.

We also have offices in Brazil, representing an important point to be highlighted since it works dynamically with our headquarters in Buenos Aires increasing benefits, shortening time and lowering costs.

We have a special interest in supporting all entrepreneurs both products and services. We are passionate about what we do and that is why we seek to encourage from our knowledge to all who decide to start their own business with the same strength and passion that we have.

For all new developments coming to our Studio, we have plans to measure and provide broader flexibility so they can achieve their objectives.

New solutions to GLOBAL CHALLENGES

We stand out at National and International level as regards the global protection of Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property.
Our main task in the global protection is to safeguard the rights of Industrial Property simplifying all registration processes in different countries.

The protection of plant varieties, also known as a system of law of the plant breeder is a form of intellectual property "sui-generis" which aims to give the breeder of a plant variety an exclusive right to exploit its creation. The breeder is the person who has created or discovered and developed a plant variety.

The trade dress is made up of the set of distinctive signs constituting a trade and that characterize it.
For example, decoration or commercial image, the shapes of the buildings and even the uniforms used.

The registration of software and intellectual property protection of computer programs in its source and object versions, are protected by the Law 11.723 of Intellectual Property, which states that computer programs are considered literary works, scientific or artistic in terms of the law.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT can seek protection by patent for an invention in many countries at the same time by filing an “international” patent application. It can be submitted by nationals or residents of the Contracting States of the PCT. Applicants are able to protect their invention worldwide in 148 countries.

Service that is performed prior to a purchase process where the potential buyer evaluates a company and / or its assets in the face of an acquisition.



GATTI on behalf of GA MODEFINE S.A. annulled the domain “” in possession of a cybersquatter through an administrative process before NIC Argentina

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GATTI representing INV - Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura prevent that an importer of Canada register the trademark “Tierra de Argentina” (Land of Argentina) for wines.

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